The white house


A woman and an important camorra boss. A meeting that will radically change their lives. A story inspired by a real event.

Directed by: Francesco Romano

Based on a short story by Armando Iovino

Treatment: Armando Iovino, Francesco Romano, Mara Fondacaro, Matteo Petecca

Country: Italy

Status: In Development

Category: Fiction Feature

Language: Italian

Original title: La casa bianca

A woman struggles to assert herself. We are at the end of the 1980s in the Vesuvian hinterland , her opportunity for social and economic emancipation arrives through a man, an important boss she ends up hiding. An encounter that seems to be a social and emotional turning point to her life but also to that of the man. Two lonelinesses who recognise themselves as such for different reasons

Author's biography

Armando Iovino is working mostly in theater as actor/author with the most interesting directors of the Italian contemporary theatre landscape such as Oscar De Summa in “Amleto a pranzo e a cena”; “Chiusi gli occhi”, “Un Otello Altro” ; Massimiliano Civica in “Sogno di una notte di mezza estate” ; Alfonso Postiglione in “La riunificazione delle due coree”.
Cofounder with Marta Gilmore of the theater company IsolaTeatro with which they staged L’Isola, Senza Lear, Brucia, Friendly Feuer.

In November 2019 they debuted at Teatro India, Rome, with the monologue “The White House”, inspired by his short story.

Director biography

Francesco Romano was born in 1992. Graduated at CSC, Italian National Film School in Rome, he also studied visual arts. He completed the training lab Atelier di cinema del reale (Filmap), directed by Leonardo di Costanzo.  In 2017 he co-directed with Carlo Manzo the documentary Sub tuum praesidium which premiered at Festival dei Popoli. Between his shorts Tropicana (2020) which won the “Best Director Award “ at Alice nella Città; Ambasciatori (2021), both produced by CSC Production.