Junax, thread by thread


A story of women’s rights and indigenous emancipation.

Directed by: Ambra Reijnen & Rubi Tobias

Country: Netherland-Mexico

Year: 2020

Length: 64-52 min

Category: Doc/Human Rights/Social Issue

Language: Mayan Tzeltal, Spanish

Subs: English, Spanish, French, Italian


In Mexico’s poorest state, Victoria, a young Mayan woman, challenges all gender biased stereotypes by leading an all-female collective of weavers, offering new perspectives for the generations to come


Directors' biography

 (1993) is a Dutch-Italian filmmaker based in Barcelona. She makes impact-driven documentaries. Her co-directed short film “Galatée à L’infini” won over 10 awards and screened at prestigious festivals such as Hot Docs and the International Film Festival from Cartagena de Indias. She is now studying for a master’s degree in “International Studies of Media, Power and Difference”. “Junax, thread by thread” is her first documentary feature film, produced by her own production company Promono Multisensory Productions.


Rubi Tobias is a Mexican anthropologist based in Bordeaux. She studied at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí in Mexico and the Université Bordeaux Montaigne in France. She participated in the writing of a book entitled “Learning to Unlearn the Gender” from the collection “Diversity without violence” of the Eón publishing house. Her main concern is to generate consciousness about the female unequal condition through art and academy by showing the intimate to influence the public and transform the patriarchal structures of perception and domination.

Directors' note

“Junax, thread by thread” is a story of female legacy and empowerment, set in the third poorest municipality in Mexico where 97% of the population lives in poverty, more than half of the women are illiterate and do not speak Spanish and 9% participates in an economic activity. Day by day and thread by thread, the women are working hard within a context of inequality and social injustice to create opportunities for the future generation. Together with Victoria, we imagined, conceived and developed “Junax, thread by thread” to give the world a feminine perspective of resilience, solidarity, creativity and work.


Original title:
Junax, hilo por hilo

Written and directed by:
Ambra Reijnen & Rubi Tobias

Women of weavers’ collective X-Chilul Pak’ and the Hernández Family

Production Company:
Promono Multisensory Production- Cyril Reijnen

Ambra Reijnen


Davide Cilurso
Prayers and chanting by Juana Guzman and whistling by Antonio Hernández

Nicolas Brighi, Adrian Simg

Sound Mix:
Adrian Simg, Andrés Monerris Gallart