An old wig with a broken heart falls madly in love with its new owner.

Directed by: Susanna della Sala

Country: Italy

Year: in pre-production

Type: Short

Category: Dramedy/Fantasy

Language: Italian

Wigs is a surreal dramedy about an obsessive love relationship between a wig and a young girl which trespasses into the realm of Münchausen syndrome by proxy. The wig, wishing to fulfill her life’s only purpose, longingly awaits a new head to adorn. As fate would have it, she finally meets her new charismatic owner and immediately falls madly in love with her. Despite her alluring charms and charisma, the young woman is vulnerable and debilitated by her undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Upon meeting the wig, she is immediately transformed and begins to associate her self-worth with the fantastical headpiece. Through a fanciful and grotesque style that draws inspiration from the soft grunge of the late 90s, this unique love story is seen through the eyes of the Wig, the female narrator, who will lead us in the intimate daily routines of the young ill woman. 

Director's biography

Susanna della Sala is a young Italian writer, director and artist. Starting out as a doodler in the marshlands of the Po Valley, she found in filmmaking her most sincere and highest vocation. She graduated in Interior Design and after gaining experience in experiential installations and video art, she specialized at the Italian national film school CSC.

She worked in several international productions like Wonder Woman (Warner Bros), Murder Mystery (Netflix), I Medici Masters of Florence (Netflix), Raffaello prince of arts (Sky HD) Overture of Something Never Ended for Gucci directed by Gus Van Sant. She wrote and directed the spot “BE” (finalist in the ARMANI lab contest 2018); the dramedy shortfilm “The Fish Doctor”; the dance film “Wasteplanet” (premiere Cinedans); the independent film “Neolovismo” together with Mike Bruce (premiere Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro; Best Film and Best Screenplay at Milan International Film Festival).

She’s now working on the feature documentary “Last Stop Before Chocolate Mountain” produced by DOCLAB. Susanna also works as an artist and had her first art show and installation at the Bombay Beach Biennale Art Festival, California in 2019.