Directed by: Claudia Brignone

Country: Italy

Status: International Premiere

Category: Doc/Social issue

Supported by: Film commission Regione Campania ( FCRC)

 POC 2014-2020 Progetto Nuove Strategie per il Cinema in Campania 2.

MFN Milano Film Network

Special thanks to: Associazione PremioGreenCare,

                             Euphorbia-Cultura del Paesaggio,

                             Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte


Production: Amarena Film with Rai Cinema 

Language: Italian

A group of women meet once a week with Teresa, a midwife, an experienced and revolutionary woman, who guides and supports them during pregnancy. They discuss the birth of the child they are carrying in their wombs and the birth of themselves as new mothers.

Director's biography

Claudia Brignone has been working in the documentary field and fiction features since 2010, covering several roles such as assistant director, researcher etc. In 2014 she made his first feature-length documentary ‘La Malattia del Desiderio’ (57’) and several short films ‘L’Atalena’ (12’), the final work of the FilmAp training project ‘I Sogni Son Desideri’ (11’)commissioned by Corriere della Sera; ‘The Butterfly Corridor’ (13’) winner of the Cineperiferie competition.

In 2019, her latest film ‘La Villa’ (61’) premiered at the Rome Film Festival- Alice nella città.

Director's statement

Italy is the European country with the highest number of C sections, additionally women during the labour and birth are often victims of obstetrical violence (meaning those practices on the woman’s body not motivated by a clinical need but dictated by habits coming from an inadequate organization and lack of updated protocols that have repercussions on both the mother and the baby).
Giving birth was the most incredible and rewarding experience of my life and I would like other women to experience this event with the same awareness. The film is intended to be a reflection on birth as a positive act, in which men and women try together to consider this time as an opportunity of growth…bellies grow, bodies gradually change and so the topics.


Original title: Tempo d’attesa

Director & DOP: Claudia Brignone

Editors: Lea Dicursi

Sound Design/Sound Mix: Marco Saitta

Color grading: Andrea Facchini

Original soundtrack: Valerio C. Faggioni,

                                     Roberta D’Angelo

Producer: Raffaella Pontarelli